I am making the most of my children being asleep…my son sleeps every afternoon without fail but my daughter hasn’t had a nap as part of her daily routine typically since she was about nine months old! Having exhausted them at the ‘duck park’ as my daughter names it, they fell fast asleep in the car on the way home. After negotiating how i was going to get them in the house without waking them (goal achieved!), i thought i would make the most of the hour or so i might have. Deciding not to do any of the jobs on the to-do list, i voted for a slice of cheese on toast, a cup of tea and an attempt to write a blog. So here i am!

I don’t have anything particularly deep to share at the moment – no study, no ‘lightning bolt’ from heaven…but i will share with you a conversation i had with my daughter this morning. I have to say, i woke up grumpy! In fact, i have done for a couple of days unfortunately. BUT after trying to have a successful word with myself while the children played mid-morning (which wasn’t completely successful by the way!), this is what happened:

The children pulled the quilt off the bed, laid it down on the floor and tried to carry an object on it. My daughter said, “come on, let’s carry this dead man:, to which my son nodded and proceeding to pick up the other end of the quilt. Me: “where have you heard about a dead man being carried in a quilt?!”

daughter: “we’re carrying a dead man mummy”

me: “why?”

daughter: “we’re taking him to Jesus”. My brain started to recognise where this was going after the initial shock of my children carrying a ‘dead man’ wrapped up in a quilt had made me consider what adult programme they somehow had managed to watch. Realising this wasn’t the case i asked, “why are you taking him to Jesus? What will Jesus do?”

daughter: “Jesus will make him better”

With that said, she asked me where Jesus was and i pointed to one of her Easter stories left on the floor, with a picture of Jesus on the front. They carried their ‘dead man’ to the picture of Jesus and he was better. Just like that. The dead man (either already dead or on his way to death, i hadn’t gathered that one yet) was made well by being taken to Jesus. Simple.

This made me smile so much and has had me thinking ever since about how we complicate everything. we don’t just over complicate, we complicate. Jesus wasn’t and isn’t complicated. Neither is His Word. Come to Jesus…His blood poured out has done the job…go away ‘better’.

The teaching we have had recently from New Wine has brought release for me and for many i believe. The teaching that reminds us that our spirit is saved, although our soul still makes mistakes, the revelation that God is never angry or disappointed with us, the reminder that messing up or being ‘grumpy’ or shouting at your kids when you don’t need to doesn’t get you excluded from God’s presence, and the insight into the truth that Jesus didn’t just die for us, His blood was poured out as the offering for sin…all of this speaks of simple truth. It brings us back to desiring to be the best we can be in all areas because Jesus has done it and that is it. Full stop. If your salvation is secure, simply just get on and live like Christ. When we mess up, repent and remind yourself that the blood has dealt with it. Move on and continue to live that simply. My daughter’s view (as with all children) is a simple one; If in need of help, go to Jesus and the job gets done. We are told to be like the little children-keep your faith simple. Stop adding bits to it and entwining religion into it. We can’t do anything of value without Christ so simply do each day with Him.

I say this like it is easy. Many times i feel it is not. But the truth is it should be easy!!!! If we are finding it hard to live by the simplicity of the gospel, we have somehow made it complicated.

We have been looking at James 1 on a Wednesday with the church fellowship group and the truth of the chapter is a simple one too. It’s been brilliant to be refreshed by something so simple. I have been encouraged, pruned and challenged by this chapter that tells it like it is without mincing words. Let us grow deep roots into Christ so our fruit is Christlike.

My daughter has woken up…time to go. But let us remember even in our toughest of times that the truth of the gospel is simple – Jesus is our answer so let us simply go to Him