M.A.D Club

Making A Difference (M.A.D) Club is an after school provision that we provide currently in one primary school in the local area. It is a club that teaches a moral or topic such as kindness or teamwork, through the creative arts. We than work towards enabling the children to run their own creative arts assembly, demonstrating their new skills and teaching those watching all about the topic they have been exploring. Creative arts used include puppetry (New WineSKINS), drama, dance, mime, sign language, music, design, photography etc. The M.A.D team really desire to impart to children the importance of being able to impact those around them with something positive. In today’s world children and young people are faced with so many challenges and moral dilemas-we want to encourage them to make right choices and feel valued. These children have much to offer and the team seeks to bring that to life and watch them grow in both the creative arts and positive behaviour.