I am just wanting to share a quick testimony on how God has shown me growth in my ability to trust Him. I would like to point out firstly that i am by no means a master of trusting God…all too often i fail to trust Him and allow stress to be by daily norm. However, today i am filled with hope that this journey i am one is not one of condemnation but one of grace. This week we have had real trouble with our car. In fact, on and off since we bought it we have had to pay out for various problems that have arisen. Despite the issues with the car, it has served its purpose and God provided us with the finances to purchase it originally after our previous car had been written ¬†off by a stranger who didn’t stop to admit fault. I am therefore thankful that we have not been without a car for the last year-18 months or so. However, this week i have wrestled the children into their car seats and loaded up our bags only to find that when i came to start the car, nothing happened. Having been fixed and restarted by my family (people we are so grateful for who can come to our aid!!!!!), the car was not looking hopeful-either we would have to pay out to get it fixed or we would have the ‘hassle’ of shopping for another car. After some consideration, we decided to shop for another one.

Previously when it has been time to shop around i have got very stressed and anxious about it. Don’t get me wrong, i am more than happy to manage without a car. I have legs, and i am happy to walk. However, being 24 weeks pregnant and having two children already, walking to various places does mean a thirty minute walk could potentially turn into an hour or longer. SO, we called on my dad to help us. I am so thankful to God that he has blessed me with a dad who has had experience with cars and knows what to look for. If he says ‘it runs ok but will only last a year’, i will listen. if he says ‘this car should last you a while and will fit half your house in for holidays’…i will listen. Obviously cars are items that get worn and damaged and can cost us some unexpected bills, but generally speaking, if my dad would buy it, then so would we!

Last night i went to bed having browsed up to thirty cars online and woke up this morning to look at even more. We knew we would have to make a decision on what we were doing quickly because of commitments we have made in two/three weeks time and also because we simply didn’t know from one day to the next whether or not our car would simply stop working (being a car that’s based on the electrics it is not easy – it is a push button start and stop, no manual handbrake, wiring determines whether or not you have a dashboard to tell you your speed etc. With one electrical fault you cannot just carry on-the car is out of action). This morning i could feel myself getting ‘stressed’ about in. It was taking up all of my thinking time and distracting me from my children. I stood at the kitchen sink and prayed that God would help me to keep my focus and that he would enable me to simply trust Him. That was it – i prayed the prayer and within a couple of hours we had decided which car to buy and off i went with my dad to take a look. Our car was not worth much with part-exchange but God provided a blessing (thank you Dad for your bargaining on our behalf!) and we are now able to say that next week we will have a more reliable vehicle. This is the quickest we have ever made a decision about a car and i have such peace about it! God has provided us with savings that we were using to modify the house. Our next job was to replace our kitchen. We cannot do that right now because of buying this car but i am so peaceful about it that i can only explain that as God answering prayer. We have waited four years since we got married to be able to have enough money for a new kitchen but do you know what? who cares?! This life is just stuff. I have always known that and continue to know that, but experiencing peace during this day over decisions that previously have eaten me up and distracted me for weeks, i can have confidence that God really is doing a work in me and He is in you too. I know He is, even if i don’t know all of you reading this. That’s because the Word says that He who began a good work in you shall be faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6).

Be encouraged, especially you parents with small children when life seems to get crazy and full of more distraction, that even though me mess up, make mistakes, get distracted, lose focus and then condemn ourselves for it, God has not finished with us. There is more light within us than there is darkness if it is He who abides in us.

Thank you God for answered prayer. Thank you for your peace. Thank you that you give us Godly wisdom when we ask for it. Thank you that you make our paths clear when we follow your lead. Thank you for people in our lives we can trust, love and call on when we need help. I thank you for my family; family we know we can turn to when we need cars fixing, jobs doing, lifts to places, help with buying cars, advice on important issues. We would be lost without them-thank you that you have palced them in our life for this time. We are forever grateful. Amen

Trusting God daily